Reviews for The Loft Restaurant & Bar

Bandon Restaurant Earns Kudos
By Lorn Razzano for the Ashland Daily Tidings (7/19/11)

"I knew we were in for a treat with the bouquet of freshly baked bread, grilled seafood and hints of rosemary and garlic came to our senses the moment we opened the door to the restaurant. The Loft is an intimate dining experience with two walls of tall glass windows giving one a spectacular view of the harbor, the lighthouse across the water and west toward one of the greatest (if weather allows) sunsets you can imagine."

"One of the things I look for in good dining are the acoustics. I know this sounds funny, but The Loft is quiet, almost serene, just perfect for soft conversation over a glass of fine wine and food. I can't tell you how many times I have been to well-run, nicely furnished, great cuisine and wine restaurants where it was barely possible to carry on a conversation because of the surrounding noise."

"The magic in the kitchen comes from the very talented and gifted Kali Fieger who attended Ashland Schools and is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu. I will tell you that this restaurant is in the top five of my restaurants in the last five years and am led to understand that I am not alone in that opinion."

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The Loft: Fine dining, panoramic views
By Geneva Miller for the Bandon Western World (7/8/10)

"The new family owned and operated The Loft restaurant offers casual fine dining and panoramic views of the Bandon boat basin and Coquille River waterfront. The restaurant is located upstairs in the High Dock building on First Street Southeast in Old Town."

"If diners can tear their gazes away from the view between bites, they’ll find a newly renovated dining room, bar and kitchen staffed by a family with a compatible medley of professional skills and a joint appreciation for good food."

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"It seems the secret is out as many folks from around the state are raving about The Loft and how much this restaurant has enhanced their experience on the coast. This place is a gem."
- Lorn Razzano, Ashland Daily Tidings